Factor Fabrication is a full-service design and fabrication company that creates simple, significant pieces built to be handed down for generations. Everything we build is made with purpose and integrity.

We specialize in furniture, staircases, railing, fencing, gates, doors, landscaping elements, and custom wood and steel environments. Factor Fabrication brings to life the creative visions of homeowners, architects, interior designers, landscape designers, builders, and contractors.

Each piece is hand-built in our Des Moines, Iowa, shop where we oversee the process from concept through creation. Our employees are highly skilled craftspeople with creative spirits who take pride in making things with their hands. Even finish work is done on-site; in-house steel powder-coating services give us complete control over each piece—from dining chair to spiral staircase—and allow us a range of brilliant finish options unavailable almost anywhere else.

how the company began

The company started because of a mutation, a disruption in the order of things. Something unnoticeable until you couldn’t ignore it. In 2008, a life-threatening health event put company founder Boonie in intensive care at the age of 29. When he recovered, he quit his day job (a steel fabricator) and night job (tending bar) and realized a dream that had been brewing since childhood days spent in his grandfather’s welding garage: starting a company and making things of value.

Together with his wife Bethany, a photographer and magazine editor, he launched Factor Fabrication, naming the company after Factor 20210, the rare blood mutation that nearly claimed his life.

Factor Fabrication started with custom wood and steel staircases, railings, and furniture. and quickly expanded to other materials—steel cable, glass, locally sourced barn wood—and that work is still key to our mission. In 2015, after four years of development, the company announced the release of its first furniture collection.

Boonie and Bethany also recognized the creative instincts of their customers. So they created a line of basic yet beautiful steel table legs that allow customers to easily add the table top of their own building or choice. The line expanded to include table tops, chairs, benches, statement pieces, and more.

Boonie’s stints in furniture manufacturing, journalism (his college major), music (he toured the US multiple times with his band and worked as a sound engineer for major concerts), international travel, professional cooking, and martial arts all flow together to inform his diverse creative process. Boonie’s passion for modern design combines with a Midwestern drive for practicality and authenticity evident in his craftsmanship. High design meets humble materials.

Factor Fabrication has lived up to its name as a disruptor in the world of mass-produced, impersonal furnishings. Encouraging creative collaboration and conversation. Appreciating the beauty of raw materials. And making pieces that last for generations.

about our shop

All of Factor Fabrication products are made proudly by hand in Des Moines, Iowa. The space holds both a fully outfitted wood shop and large steel fabrication area. Powder-coating services are located minutes away, which means all orders are quality controlled from start to finish.

Many of our vendors and partners are also located in Central Iowa. For example, we source all our salvage wood regionally and strive to support area businesses, artists, and craftspeople to help create a more vibrant and sustainable local economy.